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NDepend 2017

Anyone working with large software systems knows the difficulties of retaining visibility into those systems. As software solutions grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to retain a clear picture of how the components fit together. In an age of increasingly demanding … Continue reading

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Developers who have worked on large software projects are familiar with the challenges that those projects often face. Maintaining consistency and quality on any large code-base across a development team is difficult. Beyond the aesthetics of a coding standards document … Continue reading

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Serialize SQL parameters

Convert a collection of SQL parameters into a name:value string suitable for writing to a log. /// <summary> /// Serializes a collection of /// <see cref="System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter"/>s. /// </summary> /// <param name="parameters"> /// The collection of parameters to serialize. /// </param> … Continue reading

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Http Modules

The .NET framework provides several mechanisms for extending the behaviors of web pages and other endpoints. One such technique is the http module. Modules are often either overlooked as a solution or are considered too heavyweight or scary for use. … Continue reading

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Debugging into .NET source code

Many have “heard” that you can now step into .NET source code when debugging in Visual Studio 2008.  For those who have not been doing this since the start of the year, you can find excellent instructions for configuring Visual … Continue reading

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The ObjectDataSource Web Control

There exists a wide variety of ways in which data for a web page can be retrieved from a data store. One of the ways introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 involves using the ObjectDataSource control. This article discusses the ObjectDataSource control … Continue reading

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Overloaded Indexers cause Ambiguous Match

Developing custom web server controls can be a powerful way to provide opportunity for code re-use while retaining strong design-time support and Visual Studio integration.  This is especially useful when developing a solution that will be handed off to a maintenance … Continue reading

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CascadingDropDownList and Page Validation

While working with the AJAX Control Toolkit (http://ajax.asp.net), I came across something interesting with the CascadingDropDownList control and ASP.NET page validation. What Does the CascadingDropDownList Do? The control is used to create tiered drop-down lists that each depend upon parent values for … Continue reading

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