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Null-Coalescing Operator

While at a rather disappointing MSDN event yesterday, I came across one gem of C# 3.0 candy in the form of a null-coalescing operator.  This is basically a short-cut for the oft seen: string emailAddress = parsedValue != null ? parsedValue … Continue reading

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Using Anonymous Method Predicates to Search Lists

I use System.Collections.Generic.List all over the place.  Generics are a couple of years out of date and most people are done with them in terms of cool factor, but that doesn’t in any way detract from the coolness they add to … Continue reading

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Overloaded Indexers cause Ambiguous Match

Developing custom web server controls can be a powerful way to provide opportunity for code re-use while retaining strong design-time support and Visual Studio integration.  This is especially useful when developing a solution that will be handed off to a maintenance … Continue reading

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