Playing at the Arboretum

The weather was so beautiful today. We took Rowen to the Hoyt Arboretum to run off some energy and hopefully help with the recent time change. She wanted to climb the tall trees (“trees so high in sky!”) and give them all big hugs. We had to explain that not even mummy or daddy could climb such tall trees. Not even with a step stool. Mind blown.

The Arboretum was a popular destination. Fortunately we arrived early enough to avoid any parking problems. It seems that we weren’t the only ones to think that outdoors and sun might make a good combination.

Even with her little legs Rowen loves to lead the way. She walked between each curio that caught her imagination with the most direct purpose, all the while calling for us to keep up. “Let’s do it mummy, daddy. Come on.”

Her enthusiasm for running in the grass and along the various trails produced the widest of smiles. I ran around snapping pictures and we all enjoyed the warm sun and fresh air. We’ve hardly had a winter at all this year but the spring weather is always a welcome change. We’ll be able to start our weekend morning walks again soon enough. They are a great way for me to get in my 10,000 steps on Saturdays and Sundays, which has historically been a struggle for me.

At one point in our walk, we came across a bridge with a white railing. Rowen wanted to hang off it and shout over the side. Since there weren’t too many people around to disturb she let loose her voice over the edge into the void below.

After all that fun outdoors we had built up quite an appetite so we stopped at Mod pizza on the way home to pick up some lunch. Fortunately the time change started to work in our favor as despite it being later than usual on the clock, Rowen’s body clock still said it was an hour earlier. Fueled with a little pizza and lemonade she was ready for action again in no time.

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