Might and Magic X Early Access

I signed up for (meaning I bought a copy of the game already) the early access preview of Might and Magic X. I’ve loved the franchise for almost two decades. I was first introduced when Might and Magic VI was released by my roommate Steve in my final year at university. He and I would take turns at the keyboard, playing through almost the entire adventure together. It was one of the most enjoyable action RPGs I’ve ever played. Since then I’ve started and almost finished three subsequent playthroughs (the game unfortunately has a slow and rather grind-y ending). When I heard that a new addition to the series was being released I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Here’s the website for those interested:


So far I’ve pottered around in Sorpigal by the Sea, the starting town, and created a couple of parties to get a feel for the build process. The game itself is still in a pretty rough state, but it is to be expected since this is just the first couple of weeks of the early access beta.

s4     might-and-magic-x-legacy-pc-screenshots-10

Hearkening back to the days of MM5, the whole game is tile based. Time passes as your party moves from one tile to another (currently it passes waaayyyyyy too quickly) meaning that you must plan your routes carefully. Fatigue, supplies, and the dangers of resting near monsters play a huge part in RPGs and there is definitely a feeling of urgency that you must get back to a safe tavern after a good day’s adventuring.

So far I’ve only submitted one bug, but I’ve hit enough issues to know I could submit a lot more if I put the time into it. That’s where I’m a bit torn. Game time is downtime for me, relaxation, and rest. While I relish the thought of having influence on a franchise I love, I can’t shake the feeling that it would end up feeling a bit too much like work.

The bug I found was pretty minor; an error in the subtitles of the intro movie:


Felt pretty cool to file it on a franchise like this though, and will be neat to follow it through the process if they actually end up fixing it based upon my feedback. We’ll see where this goes. Will be an interesting experiment in my own patience for the process.

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