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Welcome to Arris!

This was a great way to start my first day. As I was about to enter the building I saw this sign in the lobby: It’s the little things. They make an enormous difference!

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Jake’s Summer Brewing Session

Last night I joined our friends at Jake’s house for his summer brewing session. You see Jake brews his own beer. Gotta be a part of that! The equipment was set up in their garage, Jake slaving away over the … Continue reading

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Blogging Tools

Ever since I bought my iPad I’ve been searching for a better way to blog. The WordPress application that ships in the App Store is…well…lacking. I’ve gone through a few different gyrations of toolsets and practices, across a variety of … Continue reading

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Warcraft: Account Wide Achievements in Mists

This announcement could be the thing that brings me back to WoW for a good long while. Account-wide achievements is a feature I’ve wanted since first playing the Wrath beta. Achievements were introduced in WotLK and while they brought a … Continue reading

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Samsung W300 Sports Camera

While staying over at our house on the way back from Hawaii, Meaghan’s dad showed me a new sports camcorder they had bought for their trip. About the size of a smart phone, it is waterproof to 10 meters, shockproof … Continue reading

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My Office is Blue

In our continuing effort to paint the rooms in our new house, Meaghan and I spent some time turning my office an awesome royal blue. When we bought the house every single wall was painted in a strange off-lilac color … Continue reading

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Sjalgar’s WoW Journal: Engineering, Ner’gosh, and CoE!

Mastering Engineering It takes a while, but I’m getting closer to mastering engineering. While looking for a few bumps this evening, I found that I finally possessed the skill to construct Gnomish Rocket Boots. In addition to being mighty cool, … Continue reading

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Falling Skies

Meaghan and I recently started watching Falling Skies on our Apple TV. We’d caught up with the latest season of Grimm and this was a new series that had appealed to both of us in the trailers. We finished season … Continue reading

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Welcome back from Hawaii

Meaghan’s parents recently returned from a vacation to Hawaii. Their flights were such that they had a layover in Portland on Saturday evening so we picked them up from the airport to stay over at our house. Meaghan’s dad had … Continue reading

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Competitive Gaming; A Mixed Bag

The era of e-sports and competitive video gaming has done a lot to bring video games to a new level of participation. It has forced video game developers to refine their engines and game balance to a level mathematical precision … Continue reading

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