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The Ever Creeping MacBook

Over the last few months I have observed a change in the way I complete tasks on my computer. Whereas six months ago I used my PC for almost everything, I now find that I turn to my MacBook Pro … Continue reading

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I started playing Rage this afternoon and perhaps it is because I recently finished Gears of War 3, or perhaps it’s just my current mood, but so far I can see why the game didn’t really sell very well. There … Continue reading

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Portlable Versions

One great trend that we’ve been seeing lately from software vendors is the availability of a portable version of their software for Windows environments. Installers serve an important purpose for more complicated software packages. However, in many cases they aren’t … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

I got a new angry bird for my collection today. Now all that remains is to collect black, blue, and orange.      Thought I’d take a picture and post the ones I have so far. Plus it gave me a really … Continue reading

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It’s a girl!!

As those of you with whom we are friends on Facebook know, Meaghan discovered on Thursday that we are having a baby girl. The ultra-sound pictures came out great (our sonographer took 70 of them!) and according to the analysis … Continue reading

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Dublin Pub Trivia Night

On Monday Meaghan and I went to the Dublin Pub for dinner. Back when we lived in Garden Home it was a regular place for us to visit. Monday nights are trivia night, a fact we’d actually forgotten until we … Continue reading

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Truck on Fire

This morning on the way to work we passed a truck on fire on the side of the road. We were on US26E and noticed plumes of smoke rising from the hard shoulder. It looked like it had started quite … Continue reading

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Yesterday we went to see the new Ridley Scott movie Prometheus with our friends Mark, Mel, and Jeff. As a prequel to the Alien movies it addresses what happened in the years before the corporation knew the aliens existed. While not without … Continue reading

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Facebook Integration

I’m trying a new Facebook integration plug-in on my blog. The goal is to have a link to new blog posts published on my Facebook page. The fear is that this plug-in will end up being noisy and polluting my … Continue reading

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Finished Migrating my Email Archives to Evernote

Tonight I finally finished migrating all of my old email archives to Evernote. Like many people I’ve used several different email addresses in my past. Each of those accounts has years of past emails. Since I’ve selected Evernote as my … Continue reading

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