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Filthy Cheats!

Tonight, while playing Call of Duty, I encountered an enemy I just could not see. No matter how many times I looked for my nemesis he would always shoot me before I could even see where he was. Eventually I … Continue reading

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Everything is brilliant now

Right now, this very minute, life is better than it has ever been. Technology has transformed our lives. We can interact with people thousands of miles away at the touch of a button. Medical technology helps us to diagnose and … Continue reading

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Where did the money go?

The Occupy Wall Street movement, the 99%, argue that "our" money has been taken from us by the richest 1%; that the richest 400 people own the majority of our wealth. However, they have failed to do some rather simple … Continue reading

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Searching for a ToodleDo Android client

As part of my ongoing effort to get and stay organized I’ve been evaluating my to-do list management. What I’ve found so far is that I do pretty well on burning tasks off the list, but I sometimes fail to … Continue reading

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Losing Momentum with Google+

I’m really losing momentum with Google+ lately. I love the platform, the structure of the streams, and the simplicity of sharing. However, there are some huge gaps that are causing me to share and engage here less and less often. … Continue reading

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Organizing a Busy Schedule

I have had an incredibly busy schedule of late, mostly self-imposed but busy nonetheless. Between taking piano lessons, trying to set up a couple of small businesses, and a few home organization projects, I’m having to manage my time pretty … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: MW3

The latest installment of the fantastic Call of Duty series is hitting stores on Tuesday. However, our current finances would have seen me drooling at others playing the game until early December. That is until Meaghan’s parents sent me an … Continue reading

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