Caffeine Free

I’m now completely caffeine free. I don’t drink soda, coffee, tea, or even those Sobe fruit drinks that try to disguise themselves as something else. For the past two years I’ve had no caffeine at all and my energy levels have never been higher. Managing energy with meals and exercise has been far more effective than any caffeine stimulus.

Kicking the Habit
CaffeineI had been trying to quit drinking caffeine on and off for the last five years. Back in 2008 I managed to go for thirteen months without cracking open a can of Coke or Mountain Dew. However, after a stressful job shift and some other concerns in my personal life I broke down and started on the syrup-sugary goodness once more. Fortunately I was able to reign it in after just a few months and now I don’t even think about caffeine, in fact the thought repulses me. Sugary soda and the subsequent crash it produces were a false economy for me. Get a couple extra hours of productivity on one side, but pay the price heavily on the other. It just wasn’t balancing out. It was even a zero sum game. I actually found a loss in productivity overall when fueled by soda and coffee.

Keeping up on Energy
Suckale08_fig3_glucose_insulin_dayThere are times when I can feel my energy levels are dipping. However, this is usually due to a poor meal choice or lack of stretching and exercise than a lack of caffeine. By choosing the correct breakfast and lunch meals and taking regular breaks to stretch and clear my head, I can easily control my energy levels and avoid the mid-afternoon dip. If anything I find that my energy levels in the afternoon are slightly higher than they were in the morning and only finally dip in the evening a few hours after dinner. Eating meals at consistent times seems to help, and eating an early dinner helps to avoid evening fatigue while giving enough time for energy levels to tail off before it is time for bed.

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