First Day in Seattle

Last night was pretty crazy. We met up with Mark and his friend Justin at the Ipanema Grill. It was great to get a chance to catch up and share old stories, as well as to introduce Mark to Meaghan. It was also nice to meet Justin as well as their little pet monkey "Spanky". The toy monkey had been acquired earlier from the local Magic Mouse Toys store and had apparently become quite a focal point of the trip. A couple of our waitresses were kind enough to pose with the monkey. He was quite a hit with the ladies.

Ipanema_Spanky  IMG_0828

Dinner was superb and throughout the courses the conversation and the drink kept flowing. Course after course of filet mignon, lamb shank, pork sausages, and all manner of steak were brought to our tables until finally we could eat no more. However, not quite ready to call it a night we decided to move to the Rock Bottom just a few blocks away. More waitresses were introduced to Spanky and a lot more beer was consumed.

RockBottom  StuartThompson_MeaghanThompson_RockBottom

It still awes me a little that FaceBook has managed to connect me with so many old friends. Were it not for that technology we wouldn’t have been catching up over beers in Seattle 14 years down the line. The hyper-connectivity of the modern web is changing the way relationships work.

So ended a great first day in Seattle. Time to get some sleep for tomorrow Meaghan and I are going to hit the town and do some shopping.

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