Yarrr…there be bowling and brewfest!

Meaghan and I shared a weekend of pirates, bowling, brewfest, football, and fun. We’ve been pretty busy since the wedding and decided to just shut ourselves away for a couple of days to recharge.  The World of Warcraft was celebrating Pirate’s Day on Saturday, so we logged into our characters and talked to the dread pirate in Booty Bay who kindly turned us into pirates for the day. We ran around completing quests and fighting in battlegrounds dressed as pirates for a good portion of the afternoon, greeting fellow guild-mates with appropriate phrases of  “Ahoy” and “Yarr…welcome aboard!”  All around it was a fun way to celebrate “talk like a pirate day“.  In the early afternoon we decided to go bowling at the Sunset Lanes and ran into their cosmic bowling hours there. We played a couple of games (at which we both sucked!) and enjoyed some mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings. It was fun to hang out and bowl for a while, a nice change of pace from our usual Saturday.


Sunday was the first day of Brewfest so of course we went around drinking ale, eating bread, sausage, and cheese, capturing wolpertingers, and removing rogue pink elekks. Blizzard have gone all out this year and created a super brew-festival for us all to enjoy.  I’m looking forward to saving up for a subscription to the brew-of-the-month club this year, although I’ll have to complete a few more of the brewfest dailies first.  All of that in-game drinking and partying left us in the mood for some real-life German food so later in the afternoon we headed out to Gustav’s where we split a pesto-cheese fondue and grilled flank steak. It was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We returned home to witness the tapping of the keg in Dun Morogh (and get the 2 hour 10% xp buff it grants) before heading to Alterac Valley for more fun. We learned that the buff disappears when you die though, so we’re thinking that for the rest of the week we’ll use it to complete quests together instead of going to the death-laden BGs.

Super weekend!

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