Busted Water Main – No Water

I got home from work this evening to find that a water main had broken outside our house.  This means no running water.  You don’t realize how much you rely upon running water until you don’t have it.  As a part of the excitement, I got to photograph the big hole that they are digging outside in our front yard.

It started with a small hole:

However, as the hours continued, we could hear phrases like “…and we’re going to need to dig a much bigger hole to fix that.”  Meaghan and I decided to simply go out for dinner, get some happy hour food and return to an apartment with running water.

Our plans were foiled by the fact that the job appears to be more complicated than first anticipated.  Turns out we’re not actually going to have running water until tomorrow morning, potentially later.  Now we have a much bigger hole out front:

Due to the lack of sound outside, I’m guessing the guys have called it a night.  Something tells me this isn’t going to be fixed by morning.

Experiences like this really make me appreciate the plights of countries where running water cannot be taken for granted.  For Meaghan and I this is a minor inconvenience in an otherwise highly priviledged life.  To be honest, it’s more excitement and good blogging material than inconvenience but it really gives an appreciation for how often we take it for granted a toilet will just flush, a tap will provide a steady stream of water to wash our hands in, or even that the cat’s water dish can be filled whenever they are running low.  We truly are quite lucky, and it does us good to remember that.

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