The System is Down

She's Dead Jim!

You’ve all probably noticed by now that the old blog has been down for about a week.  Yes, unfortunately I must announce that the old blog has officially.  The upgrade to SubText 2.0 did not succeed, and neither did the restore from backup.  I’ve attempted to breathe life into the patient for the better part of a week with little to no success.  While I have some idea about why the upgrade might have failed, I cannot determine why the restore faired no better.  Everything is, ostensibly, as it was prior to the start of the process.  Alas it is sometimes just the way with these things.

As a result of this loss, I have undertaken a task that has been on my plate ever since I originally retired my old dasBlog archive and moved to SubText back in early 2007.  I am now consolidating the archives from both of those blogs into a new single home here at wordpress.

Fortunately, while the SubText software insists that the contents of the database are not compatible with the files on the web server, the content of the posts is still quite intact in the database itself.  With a bit of surgery and a good amount of manual labor I am fairly confident I can restore each of the posts without loss.  I still have all of the images as I stored those on a separate file system anyway and linked to them from my post text.  The post text itself is alive inside the SubText database.  All that remains is for me to extract the original text from the database and pair it up with the relevant images.  I’m undertaking that task a bit at a time as I get the chance.  It may take a while for full restoration.  Thank you for your patience.

Now I leave you with one from the master in this sort of situation: StrongBad.  Enjoy!

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