Monthly Archives: June 2008

Short Vacation

I managed to take a short vacation this weekend for the first time in a long while.  As part of the transition between working at Compli and SoftSource, I was able to arrange a 4-day long weekend.  Woohoo!  At first I didn’t think … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Classics

I’ve been playing some classic games from my library recently.  I know I sound old when I say this, but they just don’t make them like this anymore: Freelancer Red Alert 2

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What the hell were they thinking?

It’s when I read articles like this that I realize just how naive most people want to be: Specifically I’m referring to the section where the home-building industry “didn’t think the boom and bust would be so severe.”  Let’s step … Continue reading

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Yield – Enumeration candy

As we all know, I’m a little slow on the uptake.  This time I managed to miss a really great keyword in C#: yield.  The combination yield return is a lovely piece of C# candy that can be used to simplify a … Continue reading

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Coming Out of a Funk

I had a really great weekend these last couple of days.  Meaghan and I didn’t do anything particularly special.  We watched some episodes of a new tv show called “Army Wives”, something that caught Meaghs’ eye during a marathon on Saturday.  I was … Continue reading

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Catching Up

So many things to catch up on, so many things changing.  My big news is that I decided to leave my current job.  Yes, that’s right, I’m moving on!  I need to get back into software architecture and back to doing the things … Continue reading

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