Monthly Archives: September 2007

23 Hoyt and a Taste of Scotland

Meaghan and I joined our friends Brian and Ellen for a lovely meal at 23 Hoyt last night.  In keeping with the high quality of recommendations that Brian and Ellen always give, 23 Hoyt lived up to its claim as one … Continue reading

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Mazda 3 Repaired

When I first posted about my car being damaged, I had little idea about the length and complexity of the journey I was about to undertake in getting it repaired.  On August 21st, when I discovered the damage, I did everything … Continue reading

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Insanely Busy

Work has been keeping me insanely busy lately.  The project I’m working is showing all of the classic signs of overload and warning klaxons are firing in my head almost daily.  We’ve got scope creep, scheduling errors, incomplete modeling, and a lack … Continue reading

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Goldeneye Invincibility

I had a massive video gaming success last week and felt compelled to share my excitement.  I’ve been playing Goldeneye on the N64 for about eight years now.  It was first introduced to me back in late 1999 by some friends of … Continue reading

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