Canon PowerShot A710 IS

I recently bought a new camera, the Canon PowerShot A710 IS, and after two weeks of ownership I can honestly say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I love photography and take pictures nearly everywhere I go.  That’s not to say I’m any good at photography and would never claim to have mad skillz or even anything beyond a pedestrian interest level of knowledge, but I enjoy snapping pictures nonetheless and can oft be seen pressing my eye against a lens while on vacation.  My 35mm SLR died on me a couple of months ago when the winding post snapped.  I got the repairs appraised at a camera shop but the cost was a little higher than I was willing to pay right away.  For nostalgia, I may yet get that camera fixed, but the incident was more than enough to prompt me to start looking for something new.  I’ve been interested in digital SLR cameras for a long time.  The speed at which they take photographs and the overall kewl factor of twisting dials, turning knobs, and manually setting everything yourself is too much for me to resist.  However, the cost of the models I am interested starts at $1,200 for just the camera body; the lenses are then purchased separately.  Hmm, not so much for right now methinks!  As a purely information quest without any intent to buy, I went looking with my sweetie pie while down in Eugene just to “research prices and features”.  Yeah, cos that’s how it works. 🙂  You just look for a while at the shiny thing you want without any danger of a purchase occuring.  Whilst in Best Buy, we spent a good couple of hours playing with almost every digital compact and automatic in the store.  We found a couple that were of interest but nothing that truly stood out and we were about to leave when I wandered back down the ample selection for one final look.   I just happened to pick up a PowerShot A710 by Canon, something I’d passed by originally because of the low price.  Almost instantly I was sold.  The weight felt right, the various knobs and buttons fell instinctively under my fingers and I was able to navigate the menu right away without having to think.  It just fit.  Wouldn’t you know, that was the only digital camera Best Buy carries that they didn’t have in stock!  Fortunately, Costco rushed to the rescue by stocking it for roughly the same price.  One camera, one 2GB SD memory card, one happy Stu.  I’ve carried this camera around with me everywhere since the day I bought it.  Love it.  I’m still interested in the digital SLR cameras, specifically the Nikon D70, D100, D200 series and the Canon EOS 5D, but they can wait for a couple of years.  For now, I’m actually having a lot of fun with the PowerShot…oh yeah, and I’m still waiting for the 2 AA batteries to die…185 shots and counting.

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