Solo Harmony

On the way back from Barnes and Noble this lunchtime, I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of the car in front of me that read “Doing my best to live in Harmony”.  It was accompanied by little musical note icons in an annoyingly avant-garde fashion.  That got my brain thinking “In harmony with what exactly?”  Harmony implies a congruous relationship between two or more themes or entities.  I considered the possibility that the driver’s statement suggested he was in harmony with everything but that would imply that no dischord existed between any two items at any point throughout the universe otherwise the very range of universal items with which he was in harmony would be out of harmony with each other.  It was right about then that I realized I had been contemplating the meaning of a 50 cent bumper sticker for almost ten minutes and that perhaps my brain needed a few more challenges and a little less World of Warcraft.

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